Ford Rallies For Fiesta At X-Games


If you saw "Late Night With David Letterman" on July 28, you saw Ford's Fiesta featured in a video special in which someone (obviously not a New Yorker) tried to parallel-park a car. That was emblematic of Ford's all-points marketing efforts to promote that and other vehicles.

If you were on Manhattan's 34th Street on July 26, you might have seen Ford CEO Alan Mulally roll down a faux dirt road on a faux mountainside in a real Explorer (which is now a crossover, which itself is sort of a faux truck).

The company is continuing this 24/7 strategy for Fiesta with a marketing program tied to the X Games 16. Ford will field souped-up Fiestas piloted by four drivers including Ken Block, who has been doing online stunt videos for Ford in his Fiesta.

The X Games will have both Rally Car Racing and Euro style SuperRally where four cars race simultaneously against each other. Part of Ford's promotional activity around the Games includes a 60-second ad featuring Block doing stunts with his Monster World Rally Team Fiesta around mundane chores like taking out the trash, going grocery shopping, and dropping mail in the mailbox in his Fiesta. The ad starts July 29 on ESPN.



"Our strategy with Fiesta is simple -- let the consumer experience the car. Everything from our ads to the unique interactions and the events we host is different from any other car launch," said Matt VanDyke, Ford director of U.S. marketing communications, in a company statement. "We're also using personalities that connect with our target consumer."

The company is also promoting its X Games involvement via an "I Win! You Win!" texting game where fans in attendance can text "FORD" to 66937 to be randomly paired with one of the featured athletes for the events. The athletes include Ford Racing rally drivers and motocross team Metal Mulisha. If a fan is paired with an athlete and that athlete wins the event, the fan wins the athlete's custom Fiesta.

Ford will also have a Fiesta on display in Metal Mulisha's pit and the team will sign autographs at the Ford Fiesta display, where co-branded Ford and Metal Mulisha posters and skateboard decks will be given away.

There is also a "Rock It Like Block" contest dangling a 2011 Ford Fiesta, custom designed by Ken Block. The contest runs through Aug. 13 at

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