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Scottrade 'Welcomes' Investors In Ad Campaign


Scottrade is launching a multimedia marketing campaign which the company says is "unlike any other" in its 30-year history. The effort highlights the resources and support the St. Louis-based online investing firm can provide to investors to help them make better decisions.

Included are six new TV spots, with the first three breaking this week. The campaign also includes print and online components and will run in conjunction with the "Don't Go" spots that broke in January featuring the humorous poor-customer-service antics of Chad Ridgeway.

TV was created by Boston-based advertising firm Gearon Hoffman. TV and online display and search ads will drive investors to and the firm's new Facebook tab, redesigned Twitter page and Welcome To Scottrade YouTube channel.

In the creative, Scottrade is portrayed as a community where the residents are knowledgeable and engaged investors who enjoy strategizing, trading and learning more about investing. The direction is based on the idea that Scottrade offers the tools, resources and support investors need to become more successful. The company has attracted "do-it-yourself" investors by publicizing its $7 online stock trades, says Scottrade's new Chief Marketing Officer Kim Wells. Now, the company is working to showcase strengths beyond the low cost of a trade.



"The campaign's online elements provide even more ways for investors and traders to interact directly with Scottrade associates," Wells says in a statement. "Through this campaign, investors and traders will see that although do-it-yourself investors are, by definition, investing independently, at Scottrade they are never truly alone."

Among Scottrade's strengths is its commitment to offering support to investors in a variety of ways so they have access to information and investment education when they need it, including one-on-one support at any of Scottrade's nearly 500 branch offices, over-the-phone service where a Scottrade associate answers within just a few rings, after-hours support through Scottrade's National Service Center, online customer service through live chat and on Scottrade's Facebook and Twitter pages, live instructor-led seminars at Scottrade's branch offices, user summits and online webinars and interactive articles, calculators and videos in Scottrade's Knowledge Center.

Visitors to will discover the experience they can expect as a Scottrade customer. In addition to showcasing the firm's offerings in a way that is tailored to the tasks or information the visitor is trying to find, visitors can also watch video interviews with CEO Rodger Riney about his philosophy on customer service and education and how Scottrade supports customers in working toward their investing goals, watch the new "Welcome" commercials, see behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the commercials and explore Scottrade's online trading tools and investment education resources.

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