Apple Job Listing Suggests Mapping Tools On The Way


Apple, Google, Microsoft and others may have to find another way to recruit for jobs if companies want to prevent media and analysts from dissecting open posts. The Internet makes it easy to list jobs, but also just as easy to view.

A description on Apple's job board for experienced map software developers went up nearly as quickly as they came down after the posts seemed to confirm that the Cupertino, Calif. company would create its own mapping service and geolocation tools to go head to head against Google and Microsoft. The assumption has been floating around since Apple acquired Poly9 in July -- and shortly after, Placebase, both mapping technologies.

One job description sighted Monday described a need for engineers with "computational graph theory," "Linux server development and navigation software" experience. With knowledgeable engineering and the technology Apple could integrate geolocation and ad targeting into the iAd platform and network.



Integrating maps in ads can increase click-through rates between 15% and 30%, according to Google Mobile and Local Product Specialist Frank Albert Coates, speaking at LeWeb 2010 in Paris, France. He demonstrated the task by showing how local businesses registered in Google Places can use maps to gain better visibility in paid and organic search results.

In a move to cut ties with Google, Apple began building location-based services soon after the iOS shipped on the iPad.

Meanwhile, Apple also released iAd Producer Monday. The tools and resources for the iAd network aim to make design and creation of high-impact, interactive content for the iAd network easy. The Web explains how iAd Producer manages HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript behind the iAd to make creating beautiful, motion-rich iAd content as easy as point and click. Through the iOS Development Center, paid developers can get access to the app for free.

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