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Scottrade Ads Showcase Online Enhancements


Scottrade is launching a new integrated ad campaign focused on enhancements made to its online trading tools.

The new ads feature a chameleon and a hot rod engine, as well as Scottrade's trademark color purple, to illustrate the attributes of the Scottrader Streaming Quotes trading tool and the investors who use it.

With the launch of this campaign, the company is now running three ad concepts simultaneously, which it has never done before, says Scottrade's Founder and CEO Rodger Riney.

The new ads join two other active campaigns -- "Welcome to Scottrade," in which Scottrade is portrayed as a community where the residents are knowledgeable and engaged investors who enjoy strategizing, trading and learning more about investing, and "Don't Go," which features the entertaining poor-customer-service antics of Chad Ridgeway. The Chad Ridgeway character also has a Facebook page, YouTube page and Twitter account.



The first ad, "Lightning Fast," features a grayscale chameleon tracking a moth with its watchful 360-degree eyes, waiting for just the right moment to strike. Its purple tongue snaps up the moth with precision. A second ad, "Full Throttle," features a hot rod engine revving up to reveal purple flames and smoke.

Scottrader Streaming Quotes' customizable interface is designed to give investors a 360-degree view of the market, with the information that's important to them. Real-time tools integrate seamlessly together to give a complete picture of investments and watch lists. Investors can stream quotes, get real-time news, conduct quick trades and view a live streaming ticker.

Although online trading tools have reached a high level of sophistication and acceptance on the equity side, they have not done the same on the deposit side, says Dan Geller, executive vice president at Market Rates Insight.

"Expanding the online trading tools to the deposit market is going to increase the appeal of such tools by attracting depositors in addition to traders," Geller tells Marketing Daily. "There is an added value for depositors to be able to analyze the yield of different deposit accounts over time."

The spots were created by St. Louis-based Rodgers Townsend and will air nationally on business and investing focused cable networks along with online versions of the ads, which will appear on top sites such as Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, The Street and AOL Money starting this week.

The TV spots and behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot are available online at Scottrade also is promoting the Scottrader Streaming Quotes tool on its Facebook page at with an interactive Trading Tools tab. The company is also sharing the new ads with its followers of @Scottrade on Twitter.

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