Adobe Combines SEO With Paid-Search Platform

Adobe Systems released an updated version of SearchCenter+ platform Tuesday that integrates search engine optimization data into paid-search marketing. The platform -- supported by Omniture, and now search firm Conductor -- relies on Adobe Genesis to automate the process of sharing data between the two companies.

SearchCenter+ competes with offerings from Kenshoo, Marin Software, Efficient Frontier and Dart. It allows marketers to optimize paid-search campaigns with organic search data. Paid-search marketers don't often rely on organic campaign data, since the two jobs differ.

It worked well in the early days of search marketing, but as SEM matures, marketers in one channel need to know the nuances of the other. Organic search marketers tend to be more technical and understand the process of optimizing Web sites, whereas paid-search marketers are strategists who rely on bidding. "Adobe wants to make the worlds talk to each other," says Billy Mungovan, senior director of SearchCenter+ at Adobe.



Adobe hopes the integration will make it easier for paid-search marketing and search engine marketers to understand both channels. The deal partners Adobe with SEO technologist Conductor to share data.

Conductor gives customers access to what it calls the "SEO Cloud" to leverage natural search data through a variety of marketing disciplines. The SEO Cloud makes it possible to extend SEO data and workflow into other applications and enables organizations to tap into natural search metrics as a force multiplier across all channels.

"Close the SEO loop and prove the ROI of natural search by integrating with your existing analytics platform," says Seth Dotterer, senior director of marketing at Conductor, adding that it optimizes SEO efforts with continuous two-way data exchange between Conductor and Adobe.

Companies don't need both products, but they have more data owning them. SearchCenter+ now offers the ability to measure paid and organic rank, on-site engagement or conversions in one report. Marketers can use the platform to gain performance of natural search and automatically adjust paid-search bids. It also offers insight into new keywords to bid on and help marketers understand how competitors take search traffic volume and counter with natural and paid strategies.

Next week, Adobe will announce a variety of platforms across Omniture. The themes will focus on integration of the products, as well as the ability to break out from traditional Web sites and integrate devices for measurement, media optimization and increased speeds.

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