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Kotex Launches Fem Care Products for Tweens


Kotex is launching a new line of products designed specifically for tween girls. Accompanying marketing is geared toward helping moms to proactively talk to their daughters about menstruation.

Research shows that one in three young girls has no idea what's happening when she gets her first period, according to Kotex. Four out of five moms feel only somewhat or not at all prepared to talk to their daughter about her changing body.

U by Kotex Tween line offers pads that are sized smaller to fit a tween's smaller body. The pads and liners have tween-inspired designs that come in a glittery package with a helpful informational booklet on the inside to help reduce the anxiety for mom and tween during the conversation.

The new product line is being launched through advertising, direct mail and retail. The Kotex brand is refreshing its Web site at www. to provide tools and tips to empower mom to pick her day to talk to her daughter about her first period. "We will also be reaching out to moms through influential mom Web sites, including a partnership with ModernMom," according to a Kimberly-Clark spokesperson.



The brand has also partnered with Lissa Rankin, gynecologist, mother, author, life coach and founder of online community Owning Pink, who is passionate about encouraging open communication among moms and their daughters.

"While Tweens represent a niche audience, Kimberly-Clark believes informing moms and tweens on the topic is the right thing to do because so many are unprepared for menstruation and reaching tweens at this age can mean building strong relationships for life," says a Kimberly-Clark spokesperson. "The Tween product line and initiative is an extension of the U by Kotex line's mission to create open and honest conversations around vaginal health and to break down the barriers that have traditionally been associated with this topic."

The conversation is especially important given the earlier onset of puberty in girls now than in previous years. Tools include conversation starters, an interactive calendar to help mom pick a day to talk to her daughter, information on first periods and other tough topics as well as a place to connect with other moms.

The Kotex brand has also worked with Disney Family to update the "Story of Menstruation" video for its 65th anniversary. The video, available at the Kotex Web site, features Dr. Rankin with other parenting experts in a discussion about preparing for the first-period conversation.

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  1. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited, April 18, 2011 at 10:04 a.m.

    And we wonder why kids grow up so mis and uninformed about so many things when 2/3 of girls, right here in the US do not know about their own bodies. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!
    The need for more education in schools blasts out with this article. The need for more organizations and programs and money for more of them such as Planned Parenthood is created by our SHAME of what the lack of 2/3 of parental responsibility creates. And if anyone thinks 2/3 of girls don't know, what percentage of buys don't know?

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