IgnitionOne Acquires Ad Exchange AdJug


In a move that continues global expansion, IgnitionOne on Tuesday will announce the acquisition of European ad exchange AdJug, which supports unsold premium ad inventory.

The companies will integrate technologies to provide marketers with a system that simplifies buying, targeting and measurement of online advertising. That means IgnitionOne's platform will support search, display, social, attribution, reporting and analytics, and on-site optimization, along with real-time dynamic ad targeting for display ads.

IgnitionOne's Digital Marketing Suite will gain these capabilities by integrating AdJug's Dynamic Creative Technology that customizes display ad messages in real-time, based on consumer interests and Web behavior. The AdJug Exchange gives IgnitionOne customers control of display ad placements and traffic volume. The exchange serves more than 3 billion ad impressions monthly to more than 67 million unique users, across about 2,000 publishers and 4,000 sites worldwide.

Will Margiloff, IgnitionOne CEO, points to building an easy-to-use platform that allows advertisers to target and change messages in real-time and continued international expansion as the genesis for the acquisition. Today, more than one-third of IgnitionOne employees are based outside the U.S.

While the deal provides IgnitionOne U.S. clients, such as General Motors, Chico's, Ann Taylor and Fiat with access to inventory in Europe, it will soon give European clients access to publishers in the United States, Margiloff said.

The acquisition increases IgnitionOne's global footprint to nine offices in Asia, Europe, the Indian subcontinent and the U.S., employing more than 200 people. AdJug's Exchange adds about 60 more.

In 2010, AdJug garnered about 11.2 million Euros in revenue.

AdJug co-founders Michael Stephanblome and Satish Jayakumar will join IgnitionOne's executive team to support customers in Europe. Stephanblome was previously managing director for Gumtree.com and ran marketing for eBay in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Before AdJug, Jayakumar was the director of European strategy for MIVA.

Tomorrow Focus, a leading Internet group in Europe, will retain a 20% share in AdJug and advise the company as it expands across Europe.


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