Holiday Liquor Spots: Yellow Tail Jumps Ahead

Yellow-Tail-BYellow Tail Wine led the pack among the 10 best-scoring holiday TV spots for alcoholic beverages aired during the past 30 days, according to Ace Metrix.

The 15-second spot shows scores of Yellow Tail bottles gobbling away as they scramble to arrange themselves into the shape of a turkey, and positions the wine as the “go-to” choice for Thanksgiving. Voiceover message: “Go-to…gobble, gobble, gobble. Always a favorite for Turkey Day. Yellow Tail — The Go-To.”

First aired on Nov. 19, the spot pulled an Ace score of 494, well above the alcoholic beverage category’s score norm of 472. It scored particularly well on attention (657) and likeability (610), and also outperformed the category’s norms of 545 and 537 on watchability and persuasion, with scores of 568 and 550, respectively. The ad’s top demographic: males 36 to 49.



The runner-up was Patrón tequila, with a 15-second spot from its “Eliminate regifting” holiday campaign that earned a 485 score. The creative simply shows a hand placing a bottle of Patrón amid gift-wrapping paper and ribbons floating down from the sky, as a voiceover suggests: “This holiday season, give a gift worth unwrapping. Patrón. Simply perfect.” Screen copy at the end carries the “Eliminate Regifting” tagline. Top demographic: males 21 to 35.

However, Patrón’s other recent “Eliminate regifting” 15-second commercial, focused on conveying the ultra-premium tequila spirit’s being handcrafted from 100% blue Weber agave, scored below the norm with a 451 -- putting it at #8 among the top 10.

The rest of the lineup included:

  • #3 (480 score): Miller Lite’s 30-second spot touting the beer’s having won four gold World Beer Cup medals for best American-style light lager. Top demographic: males 21 to 35.
  • #4 (478 score): Bailey’s Irish Cream’s 30-second ad showing a holiday-party hostess and a friend chatting as the hostess goes from guest to guest, serving Bailey’s. Top demographic: males 36 to 49.
  • #5  (464 score): Blue Moon’s 15-second spot featuring its seasonal Pumpkin Ale in a fanciful fall setting, with the tagline “Artfully crafted. For every season.”  Top demographic: males 50+.
  • #6 (464 score): Cavit wine’s 15-second ad positioning its “Cavit Collection” (including the brand’s pinot grigio and moscato) as “America’s Favorite Italian.” Top demographic: males 21 to 35.
  • #7 (457 score): Ciroc vodka’s “Perfectly Smooth” 15-second spot featuring Sean Combs and Jonathan Banks in a private plane, with Combs protecting his glass of Ciroc as the plane experiences turbulence. Top demographic: males 21 to 35.
  • #9 (449 score): Bailey’s Irish Creme’s 15-second ad featuring friends enjoying the liqueur as they decorate for the holidays. Top demographic: males 21 to 35.
  • #10 (443 score): Ciroc’s 15-second “Perfectly Smooth” entry focusing on the vodka being paired with fresh lemons. Top demographic: males 50+.
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