Search Social Connections In Salesforce released the Social Marketing Cloud powered by Radian6 technology Wednesday. And while the platform's five modules focus on social marketing, I asked Marcel LeBrun, senior vice president, GM of Salesforce Radian6, and Gordon Evans, Salesforce Radian6 product manager, what's in it for marketers as more push to integrate social signals in search. 

Most marketers that are tapping into social media tools, such as Radian6 technology, tap into the interests people talk about across networks. Using conversation analysis that determines the hot topics people talk about can help determine the conversations to target -- especially when it comes to niche searches.



Optimizing search means it is important to serve up in the first few query listings, but how do marketers own terms and phrases, paid or organic? And how can a company create a presence wherever potential customers land across the Web? LeBrun and Evans believe marketers will find this tool in growing share of conversation. A company's share of conversation differs from share of voice.

Marketers must determine the influence on a brand from an effect that consumers might have from a product. How often do they mention the name of the brand, and what words do they use in connection within the conversation? That connection can strengthen search marketing campaigns. For example, when people talk about headaches, how often do they talk about Advil as a remedy? Is the conversation positive or negative? Can the marketer step in and offer suggestions? What keywords in a paid-search marketing campaign might connect with that conversation to strengthen the brand's name and position? 

The Social Marketing Cloud suite does not offer keyword analysis tools. It's probably not the top requests from its customers, but remains on a list of topics to explore for future upgrades, according to LeBrun.

At the Search Insider Summit in Deer Valley, Park City, Utah next week, attendees will explore topics related to the integration of social signals in search campaigns. Folks like Google's Lauren Kelley will provide insight into Google+. 

Colin Jeavons, president and CEO at Vertical Search Works, will become the judge to facilitate a heated discussion between Jon Elvekrog, CEO, 140 Proof, and Janel Landis Laravie, co-founder of Chacka Marketing, on social and search. Attendees become the jury, and they listen and interact with the two as they deliberate about the right balance of social and search -- and how combining both (or not) can deliver the best value.

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