Invision Integrates Nielsen Ratings To Enhance Cross-Platform Buys

Invision, which offers a management system to steward advertising buys, said it will incorporate Nielsen’s fledgling online campaign ratings into its TV-heavy product.

The move is aimed at giving the system a greater place in the emerging areas of cross-platform and digital deal-making. The Nielsen system aims to offer advertisers an apples-to-apples TV and online GRP, allowing them to better compare buys across multiple platforms.

The system, which is accredited by the Media Rating Council, was launched in August and uses Nielsen’s traditional TV panel and data from an online panel to deliver results, where data comes in overnight.

"Today's advertisers, agencies and publishers want an accurate and consistent measurement to understand what audiences their campaigns reach across media to deliver improved ROI," stated Steve Hasker, president of the media products and advertiser solutions operations at Nielsen. "This collaboration … will allow, for the first time, clients to identify the best inventory for audience reach across media to satisfy ad guarantees in an efficient, effective manner."



Invision says one of the benefits of the Nielsen system is its potential in helping TV networks to offer makegoods with online inventory.

"Because of growing constraints on (TV) … and the promise of online advertising, networks have seen a growing opportunity to transfer this liability online," stated Invision CEO Lynda Clarizio.

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