Calling Bull

Aleck Schleider, VP of vertical development at Videology says the ad platform can’t connect the data it users to individual consumers. OMMA Metrics MC Judah Phillips doesn’t believe him. Addressing Schleider on an afternoon panel at OMMA Metrics, Phillips said: “I believe you don’t [know how to connect the dots] … but I don’t think you understand your technology as well as your engineers.”

Needless to say, privacy remains a touchy subject for online marketers. As the threat of government intervention looms, compliance group TRUSTe recently unveiled a consumer confidence report that examined people's attitudes toward privacy. The report revealed that 90% of online adults said they worry about privacy on the Web; 41% of online adults don't trust most businesses with personal information online; while 88% said they didn’t do business with companies that don't protect privacy.

Launched in late 2007, Videology was known to the world as TidalTV until earlier this month. The name change was meant to convey a more video- and technology-heavy image.

To coincide with the renaming, Videology recently debuted a sell-side platform to complement the capabilities currently offered to media agencies.

Videology is competing for a share of a vastly expanding and competitive market. eMarketer estimates that by 2015, 76% of Web users -- or 195.5 million people -- will be watching online video each month. In the same period, the research firm predicts online video advertising spending will surge from $1.97 billion to $5.71 billion.

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