Car Ads On Technology, Efficiency Resonate

Volswagen-Ad-BTalking about innovation and efficiency resonates with auto shoppers. So do auto ads that are clear, believable, and informative, according to Phoenix Marketing International (PMI.) The firm also said non-luxury auto owners and intenders like humorous, clever, entertaining, and unique ads, while luxury respondents are more responsive to ads that have a serious tone, portray a brand they want to be associated with, and show an attractive vehicle.

Detroit-based PMI got its insights by gauging best practices in automotive advertising last year across multiple vehicle segments and ad media types. The results are from Phoenix’s monthly syndicated ad audit, covering over 750 TV and print ads. Respondents rate advertising spots on market and creative metrics. The winners are those ads that rate tops among luxury car and non-luxury car owners and purchase intenders. 



On a brand basis, Chevrolet and Volkswagen resonated best among non-luxury brands last year. Their best spots included humorous scenarios with clear demonstrations of vehicle capabilities, per Phoenix. Efficiency messaging proved effective in both the non-luxury and luxury segments.

When it comes to age groups, Phoenix data show that ads depicting alternative fuel vehicles and talking about how the industry is shifting toward these vehicles tend to resonate more so with younger non-luxury car owners and purchase intenders. Ads with safety and quality messaging hit the spot for those 40 years of age or older. 

In the area of print ads, the Phoenix reports Audi’s one-page ads on style and intelligent engineering for the A6 won out. 

Phoenix says it measures advertising performance across non-luxury car, non-luxury SUV and crossover, truck, luxury car, and luxury SUV/crossover categories and tracks brand health by luxury and non-luxury. 

The company says it does monthly polls of 1,800 U.S. consumers who have recently purchased or are currently in the market for a new vehicle.

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