Study: Europe's Economy Won't Impact Olympic Spending

Olympic-SynbolA new study from Havas Sports & Entertainment (HSE) reports that the current economic crisis in Europe is having minimal impact on spending by sports fans across the Continent. A majority of those surveyed said the upcoming London Olympics will lift their spirits.

The study found that 65% of those polled said the economy will have no effect on their spending. They call themselves “fans” of the upcoming London Olympics.

The study, designed by HSE, was conducted by market research company Touluna, which polled 5,000 Europeans online between April 23 and May 8.

20% of the respondents reported that their level of consumption will increase during Olympic Games, which run from July 27 - Aug. 12.

Eating-related purchases will increase the most, with 17% indicating they spend more on food. Another 14% said they spend more on alcohol and an additional 14% said they'll increase spending on non-alcoholic beverages.

Nearly 60% of respondents said the Olympics are their “all-time favorite sporting event,” while two-thirds indicated the games would “improve their mood.” Over half (52%) reported that they “cannot wait” for the games to begin.

The study also touched on the recently concluded Euro 2012 soccer tournament, with roughly the same percentage of respondents, 63%, reporting that the economy had no impact on their spending during the series.

86% reported watching the tournament on TV, while 47% followed the press coverage and 36% used the Internet to keep updated on the action.



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