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Adobe will attempt to capture more of the publishing market by appealing to small companies and individuals creating content in apps for iPads. The platform, Creative Cloud publishing, now supports a folio feature, allowing content creators to build single pieces of the marketing material, brochure and publication into an iPad app, rather than a dashboard filled with a library of publications.

Marketers point to stand-alone self-publishing as the next phase for branded content. Mascord Living Spaces created a free app allowing consumers to view photography from some of the publisher's favorite homes. It allows viewers to search the latest designs and take a 360-degree spin to get an inside look at design philosophies of Alan Mascord Design Associates, a company that remodels and designs custom homes.

Today, Adobe's publishing tool remains available only for Macs, but Adobe plans to add Windows 8 support for App Builder on its product roadmap. While the design process can occur in a Windows operating system, the platform does not submit the content for publishing. The designer must submit apps on a Mac to the Apple iTunes store. The content is built into an iOS tablet application, rather than made available on the Web. All content is automatically optimized based on the iPad the content is viewed on.

Designers can insert still images, videos, or interactive ads into the apps, but the platform does not provide the insertion of dynamic ads or geographic targeting. It does allow designers to plug in their iPad and preview the content during the design process, explains Annmarie Beliard, product marketing manager at Adobe.

Designers produce the creative in one platform and then submit the final application to Apple in the Digital Publishing suite. Single Edition is the latest feature of Adobe's digital publishing tool Creative Cloud, a membership-based hub for making, sharing and delivering creative work.

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  1. Sunny Su from Sgcart, September 19, 2012 at 10:36 a.m.

    If adobe's flash cant contribute in apple devices, at least this effort will bring the corporates together.. :)

  2. Michael Rose from MJM Creative Services, September 20, 2012 at 9:46 a.m.

    Laurie, not to be persnickety, but it would be a great service to readers if you'd include a link to the product or platform you're discussing, rather than making us search for it.

    Also, "The platform, Creative Cloud publishing" is not accurate. The tool is called Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition -- which you allude to but don't explain in the last paragraph of the story.

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