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Black Friday Moves Online

More and more consumers are doing Black Friday online. Per a report on Black Friday online sales from IBM: The average Black Friday online shopper bought 5.6 items per order. That's down 13% from last year. The average shopping "session" length was 6 minutes and 39 seconds. That's down about 10% from last year. Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) accounted for 16% of sales. That's up from 10% last year. Mobile devices accounted for 24% of site traffic. iPads accounted for 10% of site traffic, up from 5% last year. iPhones accounted for 9% of site traffic, up from 5% last year. Android phones and tablets accounted for 5.5% of site traffic, up from 4% last year. But sales are not driven by Facebook or Twitter, both of whose influence is negligible.



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