Digitas Strengthens Content Marketing, Behavior Analysis With Skyword Partnership


Digitas plans to leverage Skyword's content marketing platform, which helps brands publish content. It offers The SkywordPlatform as part of its recently announced BrandLIVE, a dedicated team and technology to curate and co-create content with a variety of partners.

Skyword's content production platform, also used by Thermo Fisher, IBM, AutoTrader and United Way, offers brands the ability to respond to trending topics on social and search with real-time news and information.

The partnership was announced Wednesday.

The strategy relies more heavily on behavior analysis, rather than demographic targeting, according to Stephanie Sarofian, SVP and managing director at Digitas. "It's something we should have done a long time ago, but now we have the digital tools," she said.



The type of content Digitas creates and curates will depend on the culture, and how people interact with one another and brands. "Relevance has a deadline," Sarofian said. "The creative newsroom is the marketing approach of the future," she said.

The shift in philosophy will demand companies hire digital ad experts with anthropology or sociology degrees, any academic area that can help marketers understand behavioral patterns and how the human mind works.

The market for production and distribution of branded content in 2012 is estimated at $40.2 billion. It is expected to climb to $77 billion by 2016, according to Forrester Research.

The creative newsroom supports all types of information, from recommendations to news. Content has always been important, but the strategy and the way marketers use it continues to change as more consumers access it through a variety of devices.

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