Triton Taps eXelate For Ad Targeting

TrintonDigital-BTriton Digital has teamed up with eXelate to enable advertisers to deliver more targeted in-stream audio advertising to digital radio listeners, the companies announced Wednesday.

The deal allows Triton to integrate eXelate data about listeners including online purchase intent, online behavior, and household demographics into its ad-targeting platform.
The partners claim this is the first ad-targeting service to leverage behavioral data for delivering online streaming audio ads.

Mark S. Zagorski, CEO of eXelate, stated that the combination of Triton Digital’s inventory, consisting of over 2 billion online and mobile audio impressions each month, and eXelate’s consumer data would result in “increased consumer engagement and more revenue for both publishers and advertisers.”
In addition to its directly measured data for online behaviors, eXelate draws additional data from syndicated research sources, including Nielsen, Nielsen Catalina, MasterCard Advisors, Autobytel and Bizo.
The behavioral targeting deal is the latest in a series of new partnerships for Triton. In October, Triton struck a deal with Microsoft to serve audio advertising in Xbox Music’s free streaming service on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. Triton is also providing measurement, campaign management and ad insertion technology to allow delivery of contextually appropriate ads. Advertisers can target listeners by geographic, demographic and other criteria.
Earlier this month, Triton Digital unveiled a new corporate structure intended to streamline its publisher and advertiser relations. Among other changes, all agency and advertiser-related activity was placed under the management of John Rosso as president of market development. Publisher-related activity was placed under the management of Dominick Milano as president for publisher development.



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