Caribou Launches TV Spot, 3D Billboard, More

Caribou-coffee-BTimed to support two new beverage offerings, Caribou Coffee has launched a new branding campaign that includes its first TV spot since 2010, a 3D billboard, radio spots and some new in-store touches.

The new, limited-time beverage offerings, Biscotti Mocha and Cafe Milan Latte, are available at all Caribou locations through May 12. 

The campaign is themed “Life is more than coffee…that’s why there’s coffee.” 

The 30-second TV spot, which will air in Minneapolis (Caribou’s headquarters city and its largest market), shows people enjoying pleasurable, mostly outdoor moments as a voiceover and on-screen titles convey inspirational “life is…” messages (e.g., “Life is diving in heart first”). The spot concludes: “Life is short – stay awake for it.”



Caribou’s new beverages and the campaign reflect the brand’s belief that “coffee is more than a drink -- it's a personal experience that fuels your life and makes meaningful moments," said Alfredo Martel, SVP of marketing and product management. "Whether you are jump-starting your morning, relaxing with friends, or warming up on a chilly day, we want to help you find the ideal drink for your mood, your occasion and your life." 

Colle + McVoy, also Minneapolis-based, is the main agency behind the campaign.

The 20-foot-tall billboard, in downtown Minneapolis, shows an image from the TV spot, accompanied by a 3D cup of Caribou Coffee.

Caribou has also rolled out new cups, napkins and other in-store elements bearing the branding theme.

The chain is featuring the TV spot, and promoting its new theme, on its YouTube Channel and Facebook page, along with Twitter messaging.

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