Tech Shift: Many Replace PCs With Tablets


Tablet computers are replacing desktop and notebook PCs in terms of functionality and usage.
A large majority of tablet owners -- 84% -- said they now feel comfortable using their tablet for tasks that they previously performed on their laptop or desktop, including tasks involving sensitive financial information.

Further, 53% of respondents said they spend at least one hour a day using their tablet, while 23% said they spend two or more hours per day doing the same. All stats are per a new study of consumer behaviors conducted by Mojiva, focusing on 1,000 U.S. adult tablet owners ages 18 and up.

The Mojiva study also investigated correlations between tablet ownership and ownership of other devices, and the most effective forms of tablet advertising.
While 85% of tablet owners said they also own a smartphone, tablets have quickly become the preferred channel for certain activities, like watching TV or video. For example, 48% said they would watch TV on their tablet but not their smartphone, while 63% said they would watch video (in general) on their tablet, but not on their smartphone.



In addition, 45% said they would use their tablet to make a retail purchase, but not their smartphone.
In terms of ad effectiveness, format plays an important role, with 56% of tablet owners saying they are most likely to click on a banner ad; among 18- to-24-year-olds, the number increased to 63%. Turning to ad content, 33% of tablet owners said they would respond to discounts, 32% to rich media, interactive and video, and 31% to ads connected to social media; 30% said they would respond to an ad with new product information.
By category, tablet owners are most likely to respond to ads for food or restaurants, at 49%, followed by apparel, 37%; leisure activities or events, 31%; and beauty, 29%.

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