Mobile Ad Results In Line With Rich Media

SmartPhone-A6Mobile display ads perform roughly on par with rich media ads in terms of click-through and time spent, but not as well as video in-stream ads on the desktop.

Mobile ads had a click-through rate of .14% compared to .10% for standard banner ads, .15 for rich media ads and .62% for in-stream video ads. The average time spent with rich media and mobile ads was also virtually the same, at 14.04 seconds versus 14.45 seconds, respectively. When it came to overall interaction rates, however, mobile ads didn’t fare as well.

These are some of the findings of a new benchmark report from PointRoll that compares results for different ad types between 2012 and 2011.

Mobile had a .96% interaction rate compared to 4% for rich media, and 5.7% for in-stream video. In relation to video completion rates, in-stream was tops at 67.7%, followed by mobile at 40%, and rich media at 23.8%.



Within mobile, static banners actually had a higher click rate than interactive ads, at .27% versus .12%. Across industry categories, automotive and retail were tied for the highest click-through rate, at 0.19%, followed closely by telecom (17%). Looking at clicks by the type of site, entertainment led the way at .31%, followed by automotive at .22%.

None of the other nine verticals tracked had higher than a .08% click rate.

Music and streaming media sites in mobile had the highest average interaction time, at 45.5 seconds, trailed by health and fitness (31.8), sports and recreation (21.3), local/regional (20.2), and news (17.1). The overall volume of mobile ads served by Gannett-owned PointRoll last year increased 88%. 


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  1. Bryce Evans from Digilant, May 17, 2013 at 1:15 p.m.

    These benchmarks for RM look extremely low. At Vdopia we are seeing RM CTR's over 1% on nearly every unit. Same goes for the video benchmarks.

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