Mojiva's Mocean Debuts Ad-Serving Service For Advertisers

Mobile ad firm Mojiva on Thursday announced it will open its Mocean mobile ad-serving platform to advertisers and agencies in addition to existing products for publishers, ad networks and app stores.

The new service, dubbed Mocean for Advertisers, allows brands, agencies, DSPs, (demand-side platforms) and trading desks to integrate with its mobile-ad serving technology.
It promises the ability to buy, manage and monitor mobile ad campaigns from a single dashboard. The company also plans to launch RTB (real-time bidding) in the near future, allowing advertisers to access inventory from real-time exchanges.
Working with Mocean Mobile as the beta program partner for the new service for advertisers is WPP-owned mobile marketing agency Joule. Mocean emphasized that the new offering would help buy-side users better track the effectiveness of mobile campaigns through customized reporting and analytics tools along with conversion tracking.
With its plans to introduce RTB trading, Mocean joins other firms like mobile ad network Jumptap and app analytics and advertising firm Flurry that have recently added that capability through exchanges, such as Mobclix, MoPub and Nexage.
Among other features, the system promises permission-based access for agency clients and simplified workflow with reporting across mobile Web and app inventory, as well as tapping ad-serving technology that manages more than 80 billion mobile ad requests monthly. That number of impressions has nearly tripled in the last year.
Mojiva CEO Dave Gwozdz said the company is launching Mocean for Advertisers in response to demand from agencies, with Joule leading the push. With other mobile ad-serving options available, why the clamor for Mocean to create its own offering geared to the buy side?
“Core ad servers are easy,” said Gwozdz. “It’s the real difficult things like plugging in your own data, doing decent geolocation targeting and device-detection, and conversion tracking has become a pretty hot thing."
He pointed out that marketers could use the system to buy inventory through the Mojiva mobile ad network, as well as from any other source. “Each ad agency is buying whatever they want to buy -- and some of the publishers run on our rails, some might not,” he said. “But they’ll have a dashboard to organize it all to make sure their campaigns are measured and targeted using our technology.”
Gwozdz said that along with Joule, Mocean for Advertisers would be rolled out initially to a handful of unnamed agencies before being released widely.
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