CIMM Issues Request For Data, Cross-Platform Metrics

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) said it has issued a request for proposals involving data warehousing and cross-platform measurement.

The RFP looks for an entity to design and maintain a data warehouse of cross-platform video viewing, starting with digital consumption.

The warehouse would be open to certain organizations. CIMM noted that digital video publishers only have access to their own data, inhibiting the ability to “understand ‘share’ of video viewing across publishers.” 

Those selected in the RFP process will be charged with “supporting the normalization and auditing of data across digital video publishers.” Also sought would be a “privacy compliant method” to offer demographic and/or behavioral data to offer better insight into viewing habits.

The warehouse could store ad data for digital video and information from other platforms, such as return-path data tracking TV viewing.

“The rapid rise of digital video has exposed the need for more transparency into data across the entire media ecosystem for the buyers and sellers of media,” stated Jane Clarke, CIMM managing director.
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