ZenithOptimedia Cuts Data Deal To Improve TV Targeting

ZenithOptimedia has a deal to gain proprietary access to data from digital ad company Collective that could help the agency group better target TV viewers, based on their online behavior.

Analytics opportunities include finding TV content favored by people who are in the market for a particular product or have done something specific online.

The mission has roots in Collective’s TV Accelerator product that targets viewers online who were exposed to a particular TV message. The product was launched in 2011, and Collective has debuted a follow-on TVA Analytics product. Set-top-box data helps inform the TV viewing aspect.

The ZenithOptimedia deal covers access to TVA Analytics for specific ad categories. The agency group will look to use the data access in conjunction with its LIVE ROI initiative to monitor ad effectiveness in real-time.

John Nitti, president of activation at Zenith, stated that Collective offers “the ability to optimize a specific daypart, network or program based on multiscreen data at scale that has immense power and immediate benefit for our clients.”



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