NEW! Clive Owen Vs. Clive Owen

cliveowenWell this makes for an interesting media buy. We’ve all seen TV ads from the same brand run in close proximity of one another, but billboards, not so much. The River North section of Chicago is home to an affluent neighborhood and two large billboards of Clive Owen, roughly 70 feet apart from one another. Add to the creep factor that the two Clives are staring at each other. Thankfully, Clive is easy on the eyes, but why two billboards for Three Olives Vodka separated only by pavement? Do both sets of eyes follow you when you walk away? Which Clive will win the stare-down? Resident Jeff Burdick spotted the interesting media placement and wrote about it on his blog, seen here. See which Clive you like better here and here.
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