The Cool Vs. Creepy Scale In Mobile Shopping

As location and technical capabilities advance, it’s becoming easier to identify and reach consumers via their mobile devices as they shop.

Most mobile marketers have been diligent in following opt-in rules to ensure the consumer agrees in advance to receive certain messages.

Some people will want to receive such messaging and others will not, for a host of reasons.

But location-based knowledge opens the door for marketers to have yet a new set of conversations, perhaps extremely relevant and helpful information closer to the product purchase decision.

Some consumers will want to explore what value they may receive by allowing themselves to be targeted and others won’t.

To help consider how to deal with these mobile shoppers on location, I have created a simple guide that I call the cool vs. creepy scale.        

     Cool.  Perfectly targeted information based on location and from a trusted brand. Clear value provided, such as interactive content or even live feedback. Could include instant gratification, such as discount or additional bonus offer.

     Acceptable. Somewhat targeted information based on location, from a known source.

     Off the Radar. Consumer has turned off location in their phone or company is not using location technology. A potential missed opportunity in this case.

      Iffy.  Randomly targeted information to random consumers based on being near a location.

      Creepy.  Random or pushy information provided totally unexpectedly based on location and other factors the consumer did not anticipate. Could be using predictive modeling technology to provide suggestions that make the consumer wonder if they’re being watched or monitored.

Keep mind that one person’s cool could be another person’s creepy.

What do you consider would be cool or creepy in mobile shopping?

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