Tremor Announces New Performance Based Pricing Models


Tremor Video today introduced new performance-based pricing models for marketers, directly matching buying guarantees according to the brand marketer’s goals at various crucial spots in the marketing funnel.

In the new plan, the company said in a press release, when an advertiser buys any metric on a cost-per basis, they’ll only pay when consumer response meets those benchmarks. Tremor says its suite of performance-based pricing models are designed to coordinate the benefits of TV and online video.

Lauren Wiener, president of global sale and marketing, said the new pricing structures allows advertisers to pay only when their ad campaign works, “as defined by what ‘working’ means to them.”  

Tremor is offering an awareness guarantee which provides that an advertiser only pays if their ad achieves 100% viewability and the more basic 100% cost-per-view-complete. It is also guaranteeing cost-per-engagement, cost-per-brand-shift and related cost-per-conquest.

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