Why The Future Of Google, Bing, Yahoo Search Ads Should Combine PLAs, Text, Video

searchblogWhen Google integrates a product listing ad (PLA) and paid-search text ad, it might resemble something close to the recent test the search engine ran combining the two types of media. Add video or 3D imaging, and marketers would have the next-generation search advertisement in query results. A recent study demonstrates the benefits combining PLAs and text would provide.

The headline, in my opinion, will transpire in time. The idea comes from Google and Millward Brown Digital research that found consumers engage more with -- and buy more from -- brands and retailers displaying a Product Listing Ad (PLA) and a text ad, compared with those only showing text ads. That's because PLAs highlight product photos, along with prices and product names in search results page. The time will come when that ad adds video. That's the future of search ads.



From the Google and Millward Brown Digital study, we learn there's an increase in brand recognition. Consumers who see a brand's PLA and text ad are 75% more likely to search for that brand within 30 days than those who only saw text ads.

The combination also drives more consumers into stores. Those who see both text ads and PLAs are 90% more likely to visit the retailer's Web site. They are 77% more likely to visit the brand's product pages, 73% more likely to add items to their cart, and 83% more likely to make a purchase. They are also 20% more likely to click on the store locator button. The combination of text ads and PLAs also drives more conversions for those who see both text ads and PLAs. In fact, consumers are 83% more likely to make a purchase than those who only saw text ads.

There are plenty of examples on how PLAs compeiment paid-search text ads, but Google points to Nine West, which worked with Rimm-Kaufman Group to attract more traffic to the site from Google Shopping. Their search campaign conversion rate rose 8%; and revenue, 14% with the addition of the PLA. The mobile conversion rate rose 3% when combining text and PLAs, and mobile revenue, 5%.

Nine West generates one-quarter of its Google search revenue from PLAs. The conversion rate is more than twice the overall search conversion rate. PLAs also generate 15% of Nine West's mobile search revenue, and the PLA conversion rate is two times higher than the overall mobile search conversion rate.

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