Consumers Using Multiple Channels To Make Purchases Are More Satisfied

Customer satisfaction is one way to predict the likelihood that a consumer will shop again at a specific store, become loyal to the brand, and tell their friends and family members about the positive experience. The Foresee Experience Index (FXI): 2013 U.S. Retail Edition released Tuesday analyzes the 2013 holiday shopping season to determine how brands will do this year.

The index reveals that 43% of customers using two or more media channels such as desktop and smartphone to connect with brands were the most satisfied shoppers this past holiday season. The index registered a satisfaction score of 85, with 82 for those connecting through one channel.

ForeSee found that customers who give retailers or brands satisfaction scores of 80 or higher this past holiday season -- compared with those who gave 69 or less -- are 71% more likely to prefer the company to others, and 57% more likely to retain loyalty to the company.



Consumers also are 72% more likely to purchase additional products or services from the company, 64% more likely to purchase next time they are in the market to buy similar products or services, 63% more likely to give a positive recommendation and 60% more likely to trust the company.

While customer satisfaction for retailers like Amazon and L.L. Bean is high, loyalty continues to wane. Some 12% of customers surveyed said they only considered one company when making a purchase, and 49% of people reported that the company they visited during the holiday was one of several companies they considered equally when shopping.

The report features company- and channel-specific customer satisfaction data for the top 100 U.S. retailers based on data gathered during the 2013 holiday shopping season. The FXI Retail report is based on more than 67,600 surveys collected between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17, 2013. Retailers listed include Amazon, Dell, LLBean, Apple, QVC, Keurig, Costco, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Barnes & Noble, eBay, Groupon, Family Dollar, Best Buy, Toys "R" Us, Zulily and others.

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