CarMax Creates A Human And Puppy Version Of Its Super Bowl Ad

carmaxCarMax scores points with me for creating two versions of its Super Bowl ad, "Slow Clap." The in-game ad, running in the second quarter, stars humans, while the online-only version of the ad is recreated with puppies. The brand's theory is, if there's a puppy version of the big game, why don't the ads offer the same alternative? Truth be told, I'd rather see the puppy version run during the big game. "Slow Clap" begins with a man driving off the CarMax lot with his ideal used car. The Car Max dealer begins a slow clap that continues after the buyer leaves the lot. Any person he drives past, whether it's a man being rescued from his burning house, a mailman, kids manning a lemonade stand, or Sean Astin as "Rudy" in the 1993 movie, rewards the man with a slow clap.  When he returns home, his driveway is surrounded by folks slow-clapping. See it here.  The online version, "Slow Bark," is adorable, with a puppy receiving a series of slow barks as he drives home. Watch it hereSilver + Partners created the campaign.
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