Agency Heavyweights, Google, Lend Media And Messaging Support to Obamacare

The Ad Council typically works with one agency on its pro bono initiatives to raise awareness about safety, health or education. But for a new Affordable Care Act public service campaign, it has secured the services of four ad-marketing partners: Publicis Groupe’s Razorfish, SapientNitro’s La Comunidad, Google and GroupM’s Mindshare.

"This is such an important and high-profile issue," says Priscilla Natkins, EVP, Ad Council. "Each partner brings essential expertise and assistance. Both La Comunidad and Razorfish have great general market experience and a terrific body of work. Mindshare formulated a great media buy plan and had extensive connections. And Google brought needed online tools."

Enroll America's "Take Care, People" initiative involves tightly coordinated teamwork. In total, this campaign will receive around $30 million in donated time and space that features three PSAs and exposure across 33,000 media outlets, including TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, out-of-home, mobile and Web banners.



Google is working closely with the agencies on strategic and creative development and is donating its services to the initiative. Media commitments to support the PSAs have been secured by GroupM’s Mindshare.

The campaign's creative was developed by both Razorfish and La Comunidad and tweaks the relationship that pet parents have in caring for their own pets. In the spots, pets tell their owners to take care of themselves. With Hispanic millennial-age women as the key demographic, creative is available in English and Spanish.

Ultimately, this campaign is designed to drive traffic to the Web site, and is supported with grassroots outreach, including events at local churches, schools and libraries. Facebook and Twitter outreach are also directing consumers to the Web site. The campaign continues throughout the year, although the March 31 deadline for enrollment is a key focus. 

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