U-Haul Asks Consumers To Submit Photos

U-Haul is encouraging the public to send photos of their moving adventures to be featured in collages on the sides of U-Haul In-Town moving vans.

Consumers can upload their moving photos to Instagram and use the hashtag #MyUhaul to share your U-Haul Journey. Photos can also be submitted online at or by U.S. Mail to U-Haul International, c/o: My Photos, 2727 N. Central, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Customers' photos will be featured on the side of 5,000 moving vans traveling across North America. Once the photos are selected, consumers will be able to go online to find out which truck their photo appears on and where it currently is in the country, says Joe Shoen, chairman U-Haul International, Inc.

To kick off this program, U-Haul executives will choose some of their favorite fan photos to win prizes. Each week a fan can win a Boxman Toy and the Fan Photo of the Month wins a U-Haul Bike.



"This is a celebration of moving families and their experiences over the years," Shoen says. "This is a great way for us to customize our trucks with real customers' experiences and showcase the various uses of our equipment over the years."

The effort will cost the company only “pennies” more than simply putting the U-Haul logo on the side of each truck, Shoen says in an online video promoting the effort.

“For a few pennies more per truck, I can put something customized right to real customers and their use of it, and why not -- why not do it?” he says.

U-Haul is looking for any photos -- especially historical photos -- of U-Haul moving and self-storage products, fun photos of pets, marriage proposals or just photos of a good, old-fashioned move.  

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