AdRoll Steps Up Mobile Game, Now Supports Cross-Device Retargeting

Retargeting platform AdRoll is expected to Thursday announce the launch of AdRoll Retargeting for Mobile, which will allow marketers to retarget consumers cross-platform and cross-device.

On the "cross-platform" front, the company will now support retargeting between the mobile Web and social media, including on Facebook's and Twitter's mobile apps. AdRoll says it is the only retargeting firm currently integrated with both Facebook and Twitter, and it uses the Facebook Custom Audience and Twitter Tailored Audience offerings.

AdRoll will also now support "cross-device" retargeting. Users can be reached on Facebook's and Twitter's mobile apps after coming from desktops. Adam Berke, president of AdRoll, asserted that the cross-device retargeting is "as accurate as you can get since the targeting is based on user account IDs and not a probabilistic model."

He added that "for all practical purposes," users are targeted as they log into accounts across devices, rather than by "estimating who people are based on WiFi endpoints, apps installed and browsing patterns."



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