Videology Partners With Nielsen For TV Data

Programmatic video ad platform Videology on Monday announced a partnership with Nielsen that will integrate Nielsen TV data into Videology’s platform. The purpose of the partnership is to make it easier for marketers to plan video campaigns that will run both on television and online.

Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO of Videology, claimed in a statement that in 2014 half of the video ads run on Videology's platform will come from television buyers. The company is looking for ways to accommodate the new buyers.

New audience segments will be available to marketers as a result of the partnership. Per the release: “Videology will be integrating audience segments from the Nielsen Cross-Platform Homes Panel and Nielsen TV/Online Fusion into its platform. Videology can then tie these segments back to TV viewing behaviors across all Nielsen-measured broadcast and cable networks and syndicated programming.”

It’s a mouthful of jargon, but Videology is essentially adding the ability for marketers to compare online audiences to TV audiences -- all through Nielsen.

Because of this, Videology also claims marketers will be able to find online audiences on TV. Previously, Videology was only able to offer it the other way around (find TV audiences online).



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