Moasis Goes 'Hyper-Local' With Mobile Marketing Platform

Moasis is fine-tuning its mobile marketing platform to turn "local" into "hyper-local." The ad tech provider on Wednesday announced the addition of an “optimization” feature to its platform to increase the accuracy of location targeting.

“The tool lets you see within location to see where you are doing well,” explained Ryan Golden, CEO and co-founder of Moasis. “While others can draw a circle around Chicago, we can now see exactly where in Chicago you are performing well.”

To break down the buzzword, “optimization” in this sense means Moasis’ platform will be able to make real-time adjustments to campaigns based on how the campaign is performing in certain areas.

Golden said the platform can turn campaigns on or off in certain locations to “kill wasted impressions."

Moasis claims that earlier users of the new feature, including IPG’s Ansible, have seen brand lift of 73% and a 10% - 19% increase in click-through rate.



Moasis uses its own real-time bidding (RTB) platform for the trading. Golden said the ads are most commonly delivered to mobile apps or mobile Web sites, and most lead users to landing pages.

However, he has noticed publishers becoming more creative with their ad placements, and said advertisers are starting to use more video ads that have a “very strong location call-to-action.”

The new “optimization” feature is launching throughout the U.S. at first before being made available worldwide.  The platform relies on any devices with an Internet connection and lat/long data.

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