Healthy CPG Launches Dominate 2013's Pacesetters

Products offering some kind of health or wellness benefits once again dominated the most successful consumable and non-foods consumer packaged goods launches last year, according to Information Resources, Inc.'s just-released 2013 New Product Pacesetters report.

Among food and beverages launches, seven of the top 10, and 73 of the top 100, as ranked by total first-year dollar sales across grocery, drug and mass retail formats, offer a "healthier for you" benefit. 

Demonstrating that the yogurt (and in particular Greek yogurt) craze still has legs, three of the top 10 were yogurt brands: #1 Dannon Light & Fit Greek ($144.9 million in year-one sales); #2 Yoplait Greek 100 ($135.1 million); and #6 Müller Yogurt. (Müller, a venerable European brand, launched Greek and other yogurt varieties in the U.S. in 2012, generating $95.8 million in sales in its first 12 months.)  



The others in the top 10 food/beverages ranking are: #3 Kellogg's Special K Pastry Crisps ($100.6 million); #4 Tostitos Cantina Tortilla Chips ($100.3 million); #5 Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita ($97.4 million); #7 Eight O'Clock K-Cups ($89.8 million); #8 Pepsi Next ($83.2 million); #9 Kellogg's Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwiches ($77.9 million) and #10 Atkins Frozen Meals ($74 million).

Average first-year retail sales for the top 100 food and beverage launches were $35 million.

Among non-foods CPG launches, 48 out of the top 100 offer some kind of wellness benefit. 

For the first time, in the recent history of the Pacesetters rankings, three home-care products made the top 10:  #1 Tide Pods ($324.6 million); #6 Downy Infusions ($90.2 million); and #7 Ajax Triple Action ($84.2 million).

At-home personal care products that offer quality, worry-free results are also strongly represented in the rankings.  

The other non-foods CPG launches in the top 10: #2 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare ($141.8 million); #3 ZzzQuil ($121.1 million); #4 Vidal Sassoon Pro Series ($96 million); #5 Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy ($92.7 million); #8 Always/Tampax Radiant ($83 million); #9 Secret Outlast ($82.4 million) and #10 Puffs Basic ($74.5 million).

Two of the top launches in the food/beverages ranking -- Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita and Pepsi Next -- also made the top 10 in the ranking of first-year sales within the convenience store retail channel only.

The top C-store product launches:  #1 Monster Energy Ultra  ($268.2 million); #2 Red Bull Total Zero ($139.1 million); Marlboro NXT ($117.9 million); #4 Njoy ($115.5 million); #5 Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita ($113.1 million); #6 Budweiser Black Crown ($55.9 million); #7 Neuro Drinks ($52.1 million); #8 Pepsi Next ($31.1 million); #9 Doritos Jacked ($25.9 million) and Starbucks Refreshers ($24.1 million). 

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  1. Jeff Long from Pattison Sports Group, March 12, 2014 at 10:18 a.m.

    Clearly "Health" is ching in cha-ching! Targeting health conscience men and women (and parents of kids) will positive deliver results in perception and in your bottom line. No surprise to see some of the brands at the top of their respective lists. Jeff, Healthy Kids Running Series

  2. Mark Weinfeld from DGWB, March 12, 2014 at 11:25 p.m.

    This is even greater evidence as to why smart marketers are keying in on this audience of those who live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our agency set up a "practice" two years ago to focus on this audience. We even went out and did a massive segmentation study and found that 76% of Americans are at least trying to live healthier. So it is good to see that healthy products are being embraced by the population as a whole.

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