Would You Take Serious Financial Advice From An Actor/DJ?

financialTalking retirement, 401ks and other forms of financial planning can be a daunting task. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards launched an eye-opening TV campaign on why it's important your financial advisor is CFP-certified. Anything less and you might as well get financial advice from a DJ. That's exactly what happened in CFP's TV spot, where hidden cameras were placed and people came to a faux financial firm looking for advice. A seemingly knowledgeable man gave them sound advice, or so they thought. After each meeting, the financial planner asked each potential client if they would trust him with their finances. Every person said yes, only to find out that the financial planner is actually DJ Azmyth, who had removed 14 years' worth of dreadlocks to play the role of faux financial advisor. "If they're not a CFP pro, you just don't know," concludes the ad, urging consumers to visit LetsMakeaPlan.org to find a Certified Financial Planner professional. See it here, created by Arnold Worldwide.

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