A New Blueprint From Omnicom's Beanstalk

Branding agency Beanstalk, part of Omnicom’s Diversified Agency Services division, has launched a new consulting unit called Blueprint – Powered by Beanstalk. 

The shop says the new operation will work with brand owners, retailers and manufacturers to evaluate and analyze their branding needs and “provide a road map to open doors to new markets, audiences and revenue.”  

Practice areas within Blueprint include brand extension and retail development; research and insights; design and identity, and operations and governance. Beanstalk had previously offered some of the services and is “now expanding to formalize these specialized offerings.” 



The new division will be led by Nicole Desir, who has been promoted to executive director of Blueprint. A twelve-year veteran of the agency, Desir is tasked with spearheading the global implementation of the new unit. 

Allison Ames, president of Beanstalk, said: “With an increasing amount of information instantly available to consumers about brands, companies must be smarter about how they reach and speak to consumers. Brand extension and development strategies need to be well planned to satisfy consumer’s expectations.” 

Added Desir: “To be successful today, companies need to do more than just tread water, they need to continually disrupt the market or risk becoming irrelevant.” She said Blueprint is the agency’s response to a “market need” for the services that the new division is offering. 

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