Bentley Aligns With Apple, iOS Devices Shoot Luxe Car Video

Even as critics argue that Apple has lost some of its special luxe polish in the market, the brand continues to align itself with high-end counterparts to promote its legendary design sense.

In a new video promotion, Bentley has composed a mini-documentary entirely with iOS devices. The “Intelligent Details” video features two Bentley designers discussing the importance of marrying performance and information technology as that also demonstrate the latest models that integrate Apple devices. The video was shot entirely with iPhone 5S devices and edited in the back seat of a Bentley with iPad Airs, now optional in the latest models.

Dual iPad Airs with keyboards pop from the back of the front seats at the touch of a button. The package also includes a WiFi hotspot, rear seat entertainment and a Naim audio system.

The first part of the four-minute mini-documentary extols the virtue of Bentley’s history of design and performance and demonstrating the new iPad integration. An end trailer quickly illustrates how the film was made. The film crew shot in New York City using a series of special iPhone camera mounts and lenses. The video itself was edited on the two iPad Airs embedded in the back cabin of the Bentley.

Curiously, although the video is distributed by Bentley and features its own designers, the content and making-of trailer focuses mainly on the iOS devices. Bentley designers discuss the principles they follow, and the video includes many luscious clips of the Bentley touring the streets of New York. But there are few details about the car itself and its other technical accoutrements. The only feature highlighted is the iPad Air integrations. 

These sorts of partnerships aimed at showing off the quality of Apple design and camera performance have been done before. Burberry also used the iPhone 5S to shoot a fashion show shortly after the new iPhone was introduced last year. Part of the Oscar-winning documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” also was shot on Apple phones.


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