IPG's Mediabrands: 'We'll Keep Score With comScore'

Score one for comScore in its battle for dominance of Madison Avenue’s digital currency, as Interpublic’s Mediabrands names it a “strategic partner” for digital campaign measurement.

Mediabrands said it will use comScore’s validated Campaign Essentials (vCE)  ratings as its “preferred solution” for measuring audience delivery, viewability, brand safety, in-geo delivery and non-human traffic, such as robot and malware activity, for its clients’ digital display and video campaigns.

In simple terms, the deal will provide audience data and analytics into the performance of digital campaigns managed by Mediabrands, including how many of its ads were delivered in a brand-safe environment and seen by the desired target audience.



“Now, all IPG Mediabrands clients and agencies will have the opportunity to utilize these analytical tools. "We look forward to this strategic partnership with comScore vCE to bring our clients the value of viewability and audience validation for their display and video campaigns,” said Kristi Argyilan, president, IPG's Magna North America. “vCE’s single-point solution helps us to streamline planning and buying workflows and enables real-time optimization that improves the performance of our clients’ campaigns.”

This announcement follows comScore and IPG Mediabrands partnering earlier this year, along with Rentrak and Experian Marketing Services, to bring a new cross-platform planning, buying and optimization platform.

“We are extremely pleased that IPG Mediabrands has selected comScore as a preferred provider for digital campaign ratings,” said Serge Matta, president of comScore. “This deep partnership with IPG helps us further expand the footprint for vCE and extends the value it can bring to advertisers. We look forward to collaborating with IPG Mediabrands on this effort as a key part of our overall relationship.”

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