Sweet Dreams: KBS+ Takes Tech Approach For New Simmons Campaign

Some 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems, often the result of their mattress since most people don't realize it is recommended that they replace their mattress every 7-10 years. Now, Simmons Bedding Company and its agency kbs+ are introducing a new campaign to recalibrate that thinking and remind people that what they sleep on is a big factor in how they sleep.

The "Future Of Sleep Is Here" campaign supports the ComforPedic IQ from Beautyrest brand by demonstrating the production mechanics as a brand would of the latest smartphone or laptop by illustrating the tech-friendly benefits. At the same time, the effort is meant to appeal to tech-savvy "solution seekers" who have chronic sleep problems but are willing to try new products and act as evangelizers to influence other buyers. 



"Launching the ComforPedic iQ as not only a mattress, but a way to change the way we sleep, we are putting a stake in the ground to build off of," says Izzy DeBellis, Co-Chief Creative Officer, kbs. "Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and well-being, and it’s finally getting the respect it deserves."

The campaign includes TV and digital creative, social outreach, and a new website. Advertising will run on TV shows including ABC¹s "Good Morning America," NBC¹s "Saturday Night Live" and FX¹s "Louie," and on websites including Hulu, HGTV.com, and ESPN.com.

Still, the creative influence from Apple and Samsung set high expectations. "With its high-tech design and proof of a better, longer, healthier nights’ sleep, this mattress was truly breaking convention - therefore the advertising needed to do the same," says DeBellis. "Once we had the idea, we needed to find a full service production partner to make it real. We found that partner in [multi-media production studio] Gentleman Scholar, who brought "The Future of Sleep" to life in a way that was not only visually beautiful and sophisticated, but was thoughtful and on par with other technologies that change our lives."

Plus, kbs selected the ad's background music - "Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous - for its energy, optimism, and modern ambiance. 

Meanwhile, this new ComforPedic iQ from Beautyrest is the first and only mattress brand endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known expert in integrative medicine. Weil currently appears on the ComforPedic iQ from Beautyrest website, via Beautyrest's social media channels, and on an in-store video that appears in retail stores as well as on the website. He consulted with Simmons and assisted in the final development of ComforPedic iQ.

"For those who have struggled with sleep issues, choosing the right mattress is an important step towards getting quality rest. ComforPedic iQ is the first and only mattress I have ever endorsed, because I believe the Smart Response technology provides a practical and effective sleep solution,” said Weil.

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