BrightRoll Inks Partnerships With Exelate, Verizon For Mobile Targeting Data

Programmatic video advertising platform BrightRoll on Thursday announced partnerships with eXelate and Precision Market Insights (from Verizon) in an effort to boost mobile audience targeting through its platform.

The news comes one month after BrightRoll struck a similar partnership with BlueKai. When the BlueKai partnership was announced, Tim Avila, BrightRoll’s SVP of marketing operations, told RTM Daily that he believes the ability to target audiences in mobile will be a “major catalyst for growth” in mobile advertising.

BrightRoll’s ultimate goal is to support cross-device campaigns through their platform. These new partnerships take them one step closer.

“As consumers shift their video viewing habits to the small screen, brands are racing to reach those mobile audiences with relevant, timely video advertising,” stated Tod Sacerdoti, CEO and founder of BrightRoll. He called eXelate and Verizon “well-known [and] trusted brands” when it comes to data provision and hopes their data helps clients reach consumers “regardless of device type.”

BrightRoll claims eXelate has data on 800 million unique consumers through over 8,000 audience segments. Mark Zagorski, CEO of eXelate, said in a statement that BrightRoll is the first video ad platform to integrate eXelate’s data.

Likewise, BrightRoll is the first video ad platform to partner with Verizon’s Precision Market Insights. The Verizon partnership gives BrightRoll clients access to mobile audiences from one of the largest wireless networks.

Mobile audience data from eXelate and BlueKai is available to all BrightRoll clients. The integration with Verizon is rolling out in beta, but BrightRoll expects it to be available to all clients “later this summer,” per a release.

Additionally, BrightRoll says it’s not done partnering with mobile data providers just yet -- the company plans to announce additional deals in the coming months.

"Mobile video" image from Shutterstock.

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