Sizmek Creates Team Of RTB Specialists To Aid Buyers

Sizmek, a global ad management firm, on Monday announced the launch of Sizmek Vantage, an independent group of real-time bidding (RTB) specialists. The new group is meant to help agencies, brands and trading desks use programmatic ad technologies effectively.

Sizmek Vantage offers managed service trading or consultation, depending on how hands-on the buyer wants to be.

If used as a managed service, Sizmek Vantage will handle programmatic campaigns across display, mobile, video and social. The consultation service will feature recruiting, training, an evaluation of the data and tech being used, and more.

The group will also help buyers add rich media into programmatic campaigns. Some recent reports have highlighted Rich Media as an area of growth in programmatic.



Sizmek claims to be partnering with some of the biggest demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs) in the market to give the Sizmek Vantage group more leverage, though no specific partnerships were revealed.

Mike Caprio, the company’s vice president of Latin America, will serve as the global general manager of Sizmek Vantage.

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