Kenshoo Takes Pulse Of Mobile Search In U.S., U.K., Australia

Kenshoo reports that mobile spend and click share rates for paid search in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia rose during the past year among its clients, although share in the latter two regions outpaces the former.

The data, released Friday, shows that the three regions saw mobile search share rise between 8% and 11% in Q2 compared with the prior-year quarter. These numbers are just among Kenshoo clients, and are important to note because overall the sum of the overall market remains small but growing. The aggregate Kenshoo client campaign data numbers are pulled from the company's system, so it only represents what goes through Kenshoo's coffer.

The average smartphone cost per click (CPC) remains $0.14 lower than the tablet in Australia. The average CPC in the United States came in at $0.57 for smartphones and $0.61 for tablets. In the United Kingdom that range narrowed to €0.44 and €0.46, respectively.

In the United States, per Kenshoo, enhanced campaigns that could easily target smartphones drop most of the increase in mobile campaigns. Higher CPCs for mobile reflects marketers becoming more savvy about how to measure mobile and set different goals for campaigns targeting those devices, the company said.



I've noticed companies have begun to increase their presence in online marketing across Australia, although when it comes to search marketing Kenshoo notes gaps between the percent of clicks and what marketers spent widened in the quarter, as click-through rates dropped for both phones and tablets.

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