Horizon, Clients Interface With Music, Artists In New Ways Via Clear Channel Partnership

Is Beyonce, Katy Perry, or Sam Smith the better endorsement deal? Horizon Media is now able to let you know. The media agency is partnering with Clear Channel to pilot the launch of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s proprietary “Artist Match” initiative.

Artist Match is a new tool that explores the psychology behind artist appeal and how those associations can be harnessed most effectively by brands. 

“Our partnership with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, fused with Horizon’s BrandRatings data, allows us to explore the true drivers of an artist’s appeal,” said Eric Blankfein, chief of the WHERE Group at Horizon Media. “This enables us to create a greater affinity between artist and brand and so develop more meaningful and engaging content across Clear Channel properties.”



Horizon Media will link Artist Match with its BrandRatings planning and activation tool to give the agency viewability into not just which artists are the best match, but which programs, networks, stations, and dayparts have the best opportunity for increased engagement. The agency believes it has taken another step toward connecting radio network or station effectiveness metrics with brand attributes.

This pilot will provide Horizon with access to the artists whose profiles and appeal are identified by Clear Channel as the best match for the brand in keeping with its personality and the needs and expectations of consumers.

This analysis goes beyond whether an artist has a top-40 hit. Artist Match rates artists across 26 attributes related to music, fandom and brand connection. That data is analyzed to determine the importance and extent of each attribute of an artist’s appeal, totaling over 64 million calculations per artist. A Clear Channel Media and Entertainment “Power Score” is then created for each artist in order to identify the most engaging matches between artists and brands and effectively activate the partnerships across media platforms.

At the same time, Horizon Media's BrandRatings tool now also helps client brands identify the most effective, targeted and efficient audio environments. Using data from sources like Nielsen, Scarborough and brand consumer target specifics, the agency has viewability into which radio programs, networks, local stations and dayparts have the best opportunities for exposure and consumer response.

According to the agency, these findings help move marketers beyond superficial identifiers to discover the intrinsic factors of an artist’s appeal, thus enabling marketers to create richer and more engaging sponsorships and integrations for consumers with a particular artist. 

“We have an unmatched ability to connect artists with their fans – and brands with their consumers – and now with our new insight-based tools we can take our capabilities to the next level,” said Radha Subramanyam, EVP, Insights Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. “The Artist Match tool offers marketers the ability to identify artists that align directly to their brand identity or strategic aspiration by giving them the insights into consumer behavior, and we are excited to test out this new capability with Horizon Media clients.”

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