NEW! Kia Hamsters Have One-Track Minds In Ad For Electric Car, Kia Soul EV

kiaThe beloved Kia Hamsters show their scientific sides in "Fully Charged," a TV spot that launched during Sunday's MTV VMAs. We also learn what the hamsters are thinking about each time they run inside their hamster wheels. The ad promotes Kia's first electric car, the Soul EV. It also marks the debut of Maroon 5's new single, "Animals." Set in a high-tech lab, the spot shows the hamsters transforming the gas-powered Soul into an electric Soul by shocking it with a surge of electricity. As the car is being zapped, the trio's beloved pet hamster runs into the line of fire and gets zapped as well, turning the pint-sized pet into a adult-sized leather-clad female hamster. This revelation causes the hamsters to hightail it to the closest pet store, in their new EV, and buy every hamster the pet store is selling. Now, the hamsters are surrounded by a group of gorgeous lady hamsters to dance with. See it here. The first 200,000 fans can download the single "Animals" before it officially debuts on iTunes. David&Goliath created the campaign, with visual effects from MPC LA.
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