O&M NY, IBM Turn Tennis Stats Into Emotional Musical Scores

As a long-time sponsor of the U.S. Open, IBM has provided technological infrastructure that the tournament runs on and each year, executives look to create an experience that brings to life its sponsorship partnership. 

This year, IBM wanted to showcase the capabilities of one particular product: IBM Cloud, which is a massive scalable computing power available on-demand that’s built for big data. 

Developed by agency of record Ogilvy & Mather, IBM is introducing an immersive audio and visual experience that turns real-time data from the matches, such as aces and points scored, and turns it into its own soundtrack. 

The algorithm is written in a way that will produce a piece of music that depicts both the intensity of a match, and the events – like aces, winners, faults, etc… that bring on that intensity.



The result is one continuous soundtrack that changes in tone, tempo, rhythm, instrumentation and more depending on what the data dictates. Each soundtrack is archived on the U.S. Open and IBM websites and fans can listen to matches from the tournament and download tracks for free.

You can see the site here.  The concept is based on showing how one could generate drama in the data to create an emotional element that someone wouldn’t get from a standard scoreboard or news feed. IBM wanted to show that when raw data is reshaped into a form that people can comprehend, it can give them a new experience. Essentially, the business brand wanted to show that it can dramatize a real-time data stream in such a way that fans would connect to, whether they are at the games and not.

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