Beachfront Launches Programmatic Platform For Mobile In-App Video

Beachfront Media, a video ad tech company, on Tuesday announced the launch of,  programmatic video ad platform for mobile app advertisers. The platform will support real-time bidding (RTB) on both private and public ad exchanges.

Frank Sinton, CEO and founder of Beachfront Media, told Real-Time Daily that he felt there was a “strong need in the marketplace to help people monetize their in-app mobile video views.” He acknowledged that some of the “incumbents in the space,” such as or LiveRail, already offer this type of tech, but asserted they “come at it from an online-first look at things,” whereas was designed specifically for apps. does still allow for buyers and sellers to do direct IOs with one another, but Sinton said that “everything in the system is focused on programmatic.” The company has partnered with several programmatic trading desks, per Sinton.

Additionally, Beachfront Media will be launching its own ad exchange to support the use of However, Sinton said that publishers can also use as a standalone supply-side platform (SSP).

While is focused on mobile in-app video advertising, it does support other forms of video, including connected TV and the mobile Web. “Basically, if you have an app out there, we can monetize it,” Sinton quipped.

The company is also launching a predictive analytics tool, which Sinton called “the bread and butter” of the new platform. It offers ad targeting tools designed for mobile video app advertising, which Sinton asserts has ”historically been difficult to do.” has been in beta for a year, but Tuesday marks the “full-fledged platform release,” per Sinton. Prior to launching this programmatic platform, Beachfront Media had primarily been focused on network syndication. According to Sinton, Beachfront’s focus will now be split 50/50 between its mobile programmatic offering and network syndication.

“We’ve already seen a huge uptick in mobile video advertising, just in the past three months,” said Sinton.

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