Sexy Keywords Generating Google's Halloween Treats

Sexy, Frozen, and other female-related topics were some of the most frequently searched keywords typed into search boxes to look for costumes. Marketers followed the lead by spending millions this Halloween to connect with consumers based on those words. There were 11 female-specific costumes in AdGooroo's Top 20 list, compared with four male-specific costumes.

AdGooroo released data Wednesday examining 1,128 Halloween costume keywords for U.S. text ads and product listing ads running on Google AdWords either desktops or tablets from August to September in 2014, revealing that Disney dominated the ranking.

Marketers spent $385,000 on 14 keywords related to Elsa for both paid search and product listing ads. Wonder Woman followed at No. 2, with a total of $119,000 spent on three related keywords. Frozen generated $110,000 in spend on six keywords. Maleficient generated $64,000 on three keywords. Rounding out the top five was Spiderman at $61,000 spend on 21keywords.

Marketers also opened their wallets to bid on sexy-related costume keywords. In fact, in August and September $67,000 was spent on keywords containing the word "sexy," and $42,000 was spent on keywords for costumes associated with sex appeal such as French Maid, Playboy Bunny, Bond Girl and Jessica Rabbit.

Compare that with the $41,000 spent on keywords for scary Halloween costumes like Witch, Vampire and Zombie, and even some of those keyword terms contained the adjective "sexy."While it's not all about sex, females and Disney definitely rule. Costumes related to Disney's movie "Frozen" dominate the list, accounting for $550,000 in spend or 62% of total spend on Disney-related keywords and 19% of total spend on all costume keywords.

At No. 1 in AdGooroo's ranking, Elsa beat out her Frozen sister Anna, which ranked No. 6. Some 14 Elsa-related keywords generated $385,000 in paid search spend during August and September, compared with $55,000 generated on three keywords for Anna. About $110,000 was spent on general terms related to the film such as "frozen costume" and "disney frozen costume."

Minnie Mouse ranked at the No. 15 on the list of the most-searched for costume generated $24,000 in spend on five costume keywords during the period, while her male counterpart and Disney brand icon, Mickey Mouse, lagged with $5,500 on three costume keywords.

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