Horizon's Scout Unit Scores Schneider Electric Sports Marketing Consultancy

Sports tends to be a global language that can unite many cultures which is why energy provider Schneider Electric -- which operates in more than 100 countries, has expanded its focus on sports-related marketing as part of its strategy to raise brand awareness.

The European-based conglomerate has just named Horizon Media's Scout Sports Marketing and Entertainment practice as its lead agency overseeing sports marketing strategy, activation and measurement for Schneider Electric worldwide.

“Sports Marketing is a new channel that we are using as part of an overall effort to grow brand awareness and deepen understanding of the value Schneider brings to its customers,” said Chris Hummel, chief marketing officer at Schneider Electric. “We were looking for fresh ideas and innovation to further leverage our sports marketing partnerships and decided Scout could bring us that new perspective. Scout has helped us focus our strategy, design unique top-tier partnerships, and elevate the customer experience delivered by our activation.”



Horizon's sports division’s New York office will handle multimedia sports and entertainment partnerships, managing partnership procurement, negotiation, valuation, activation, hospitality, and measurement/return-on-investment analysis. There was no formal review; Scout landed the account largely through a previous client relationship with Schneider's CMO. 

Scout's first contract under this new arrangement will enable the brand to become “Founding Partner” of the new Las Vegas Arena currently under construction and jointly owned by partners AEG and MGM Resorts International. The formal multi-year agreement includes Schneider Electric designing, installing and operating numerous technology-based systems throughout the venue, such as lighting, the complete electrical infrastructure, metering (gas, water and power), HVAC, building security, power management and building automation. 

Scout has also developed a deal that makes Schneider Electric a partner in the “We Build Daytona” marketing platform to provide infrastructure systems, including power distribution, electrical metering, building management controls and further integration of elevators, escalators, lighting, fire systems and generators. This project will rely on Schneider Electric's “EcoStruxure” platform which allows the firm to raise brand awareness while also providing a real-world showcase of its services. 

Schneider Electric has had success with its previous sports-related initiatives. To that end, Schneider Electric will continue to serve as the title sponsor of the Paris Marathon, now dubbed the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris for the third year. Scout will continue to provide activation and measurement support for the marathon over the next few years. 

“Schneider Electric is the global brand that stands behind big blue-chip companies and infrastructure projects to provide safe, energy efficient and sustainable environments for operations,” said Michael A. Neuman, managing partner at Scout Sports Marketing and Entertainment. “We are excited to help Schneider become a household name by elevating the category of sustainability on the global sports marketing stage.”

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