How Healthcare Will Impact Culture, Brands

Technology is accelerating change in the health industry at a rapid pace, and broad adoption of healthcare information technology is expected to save as much as $80 billion annually, according to the Rand Corporation. 

Now, trendspotting agency sparks & honey has issued a new report, titled "Reinventing Health Care: The Co-evolution of Biology, Technology and Culture," to examine technology's impact within the healthcare space, as well as the wider implications on brands, culture and patients. 

Among other topics the report examines is how seamlessly people are beginning to integrate technology in new ways to augment their bodies — whether through bionics or gene manipulation — which has created a coevolution between our technology and biology. Since evolution as a species is inextricably tied to our technological developments, we are entering an age where we will be able to determine our next evolutionary leap, says the report.

Furthermore, technology is aiding longevity, with people living not only longer but better. Older generations will remain active, and expect the same high quality and good design in products from when they were younger. These trends enable brands to reach consumers with new messages and opportunities. 

The report recommends that brands and advertisers look for inspiration everywhere. Many of the advances in healthcare we are seeing right now are pulled from the pages of sci-fi, yet they are becoming reality. Thus, brands need to be open to all signals in order to push their business and thinking forward, says the report. 

For example, there's a need for health interpreters. Thanks to Big Data, consumers are increasingly faced with an overwhelming amount of information. They will need programs and companies to help them contextualize it and provide ways for them to take action based on the results.

More on the report can be found here

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